Is Blogging Dead? If Not Then How to do it?- Analysis

Is Blogging Dead? If Not Then How to do it?- Analysis

Hey, guys today we are gonna talk about some so-called “Blogging Expert”. There are so many so-called blogging experts who introduced themselves as the best in this field. They also go on to share their methods on how to earn up to five to ten thousand dollars in a month, “As a beginner blogger.”. So, the problem is many students get lured by this. In reality, the Blogging line in 2021 has so much competition, and unfortunately, your so-called Blogging expert is never gonna share all of these things. That’s why many people especially students are wasting their time, effort, and money. In the end, they get a big zero as a result.


So without wasting your time, let me tell you that blogging is not an easy field or job at all. This is one of the most competitive lines at the moment to enter and start earning. Just think that there are already 1.7 billion websites that exist. There are over 4 million blog posts that are being published every single day. Whenever you create a blogging website and start writing with your articles, you don’t realize that there is so much competition on those keywords that your article is all about. So if you think by just making a blogging website on your favorite or your knowledgeable niche and start writing an article is enough, to start getting viewers then sorry unfortunately you are far from reality. This is only gonna possible to happen in your dreams. 

How to start a Blog

To start blogging, there is an essential investment as well, to get your website created, hosted, and of course, buying a Domain name. Oh yes, if you don’t want to invest and go for giants who provide you with free websites, then it’s not easy to grow there. They generally throttle the bandwidth of your website, so your website gonna load fairly slowly, and if your website loads slowly then guess what? Google is gonna penalize your website for that. Also, you have to forget to rank your website in your particular keyword at first 10. 

Now, let’s talk about the money you need to start blogging. If you ever heard that you can do it for free then again I have to say that is not possible at all. Well, if you want to learn, you can go with but again if you are thinking of earning, then there is nothing for free. Ok, let’s think for you that you make a website for free but then what did you gonna do? You have to promote it and that’s gonna cost you money otherwise in 2021 it’s quite impossible to rank.

Also, please don’t promote your website in the Facebook group, the thing is when you put your site link there and request people to visit your blog page is, It doesn’t benefit you. The reason is “Bounce Rate”. People are gonna open your site for a few seconds and then gonna close them. For your kind information, when your bounce rate increases Google penalizes your website again does not gonna rank them.

The second thing always you have to follow to writing SEO articles. However, writing SEO-Optimized articles require time and lots of effort, sometimes money as well. You can use Yoast, a free SEO tool that can help you with that, But the free version only going to help you a little. A paid version of SEO software or Plugins is going to help in staying in front of the race. Remember competing requires investment. So again we suggest you to buying good SEO Software or Plugins that are not free.

Don’t just focus on text-based content. In 2021 text-based content isn’t everything. We are all use something called a mobile phone. People are using it to watch videos on Youtube, Netflix, and others videos platforms, listen to podcasts. So when you are blogging, don’t just blog text-based content. Create everything on public demand. 

Now, at last, we suggest that please don’t believe the so-called Influencers who told you that you can earn 5 to 10 thousand dollars in a month. It’s not an easy race at all. It cost time, effort, money so start studying at first that what you gonna do is know about the field then boom. Keep patient and again we don’t make you de-moralize we are just here to tell you that what is reality. Remember, If you smartly do your work and keep some patient then you get success in any field. Don’t start something with fake hopes and also think twice if your so-called influencer can earn 5 to 10 thousand dollars then why do they always promote their course to sell you..? So if want to get success in your blogging career then just remember those steps that we mention to you. You will be successful in this field. 

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